BASF, Trelleborg Offshore Partner in Subsea Solutions

BASF Polyurethane Solutions has formed a strategic alliance with Trelleborg Offshore US Inc, to develop and market Trident™ thermal insulation for subsea applications. Trident is the next generation of Glass Syntactic Polyurethane (GSPU) and enters the market as the new standard in GSPU for the insulation of subsea structures.

Trident is the result of a strong collaborative effort to combine BASF's mercury-free ZEROHg™ technology with the polyurethane processing experience of Trelleborg Offshore.

"BASF has a long history of working with industry leaders to deliver innovative products into the marketplace; Trident is a great example of this practice," said Joel Johnson, Business Director, BASF Polyurethane Systems North America.

BASF and Trelleborg have worked together diligently over the past few years to bring Trident to the point of approval for market use.


"Today's announcement of the joint efforts from two market leaders in our respective specialized fields is a huge step forward in our strategic alliance," said Brian McSharry, President of Trelleborg Offshore US, Inc.

"It is important to note that Trident insulation is not only mercury-free; it enters the market with improved temperature resistance compared to current market offerings. Both companies are committed to continue to introduce solutions to the marketplace that leap frog materials available today. I am confident that our relationship with BASF will continue to thrive for the benefit of our oil and gas customers," said Mcsharry.