R&M Energy Systems Unveils New Drivehead

R&M Energy Systems has released the Moyno Ultra-Drive® Model A30 drivehead which provides advanced technology that results in cost-effective, reliable performance and long service life for down-hole PC pumping systems. The Model A30 drivehead incorporates the latest engineering advancements to increase safety, reliability and efficiency under extreme operating conditions. It is completely compatible with Moyno® Down-Hole Pump Systems for an unbeatable system solution for both crude oil extraction and gas well dewatering applications.

The Moyno Ultra-Drive Model A30 offers superior dynamic well head sealing capability, easy installation, safe and consistent recoil control during shutdown and a low profile design. Its design simplifies field mounting and installation. The Model A30 drivehead accommodates 1-1/4" polished rods.

The Model A30 drivehead's motor support frame is designed to accept electric motors up to 30 HP. Power is applied through a vertical input shaft in the drivehead.