Oceanor Sells Thermography Services

Oceanor AS, part of the Fugro Group of Companies, has sold its thermography operations to Aker Inspection and Consulting AS (AIC).

The move, which covers Oceanor's thermographic survey and scale mapping services, occurred in September 2003. It followed discussions between Oceanor AS and Fugro Norway AS during their merger earlier in the year where it was agreed that these services would no longer be part of Oceanor's core business areas. Oceanor will now concentrate on its meteorological and oceanographic, and Seawatch, Riverwatch and Soilwatch services.

AIC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aker Kværner, is one of Norway's largest inspection service companies. The thermography services, which cover both electrical and scale mapping, will make an important contribution to AIC's existing portfolio of inspection services.

Oceanor personnel currently providing this important service will be transferred to AIC, who will also take over the relevant equipment and technology from Oceanor. It is expected that the good working relationship between the two companies will be strengthened by the move.