Boots & Coots Incorporates Into Canada

Boots & Coots International Well Control, Inc. announces the incorporation of Boots & Coots Canada Ltd, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. This initiative demonstrates Boots and Coots' commitment to the Canadian oil and gas industry by providing efficient access to the industry leader in well control, prevention and engineering services. This move supports WELLSURE ® Canada, which was introduced earlier this year to the Canadian market. WELLSURE ® Canada combines Boots & Coots risk management, prevention and response services with control of well insurance underwritten by Lloyd's of London and managed by Global Special Risks, a managing general agent.

In addition, Boots & Coots is pleased to announce that Bob Pollock, P.E. will be joining the company in Calgary and lead business development for the Canadian operation. Mr. Pollock brings more than 40 years of international oil and gas service industry experience and was President of Halliburton Services (Canada) from 1982 to 1989.

Rick Burns, Vice President of Global Special Risks, Inc., said, "We are extremely excited about introducing WELLSURE ® to our Canadian clients. The program delivers solutions that bring true value to the exploration and production community."

Jerry Winchester, Chief Executive Officer of Boots & Coots, said, "We are pleased to be expanding our service capabilities into the Canadian market. WELLSURE ® Canada represents the achievement of significant milestones in both the continued growth of our prevention segment and the expansion of our response capabilities."