Spectrum Upgrades 3D Depth Imaging Technology

Spectrum has upgraded its seismic data processing technology with Tsunami's 3D anisotropic Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration (PSDM) and 3D Grid Tomography model building software. The new software significantly enhances the company's seismic data processing capabilities in response to the growing demand it is experiencing for advanced 3D pre-stack depth imaging services.

The Tsunami software suite will be made available to Spectrum's seismic processors worldwide through a multi-core license, further improving the quality of its depth migration services.

A substantial 3D reprocessing and imaging project in the Eastern Mediterranean will be amongst the first to benefit from the full capabilities of the software suite. The client selected Spectrum to reprocess and depth image this project to assist with its exploration activities in the region.

Experienced seismic processors within Spectrum are also using the new 3D Kirchhoff PSDM software to process seismic surveys from India and the Middle East, and Multi Client surveys from the Gulf of Mexico and India.