EnerMech Builds 2 Bulk Storage Units at Aberdeen HQ

EnerMech has invested £300,000 in constructing two bulk storage buildings at its Aberdeen headquarters.

The air-controlled units have been designed for the primary purpose of storage of oilfield cranes, lifting and hydraulic equipment.

The buildings are equipped with de-humidifier systems capable of taking the air volume from ambient conditions down to 45% relative humidity in just two hours.

As the largest humidity controlled facility in Aberdeen, the air moisture conditions in each unit can be lowered below the natural corrosion point of bare carbon steel.

Each unit measures 40m long x 15m wide x 7.5 meters high, providing sufficient storage for up to 2000 pallets.

EnerMech equipment manager, Alan Bailey, said, "We have invested a significant amount to provide a modern facility which affords our clients safe and protective storage of all types of components, from crane ropes to complex electro hydraulic control valves and electronic panels.

"The advanced humidity controls ensure all steel and electrical equipment entrusted to us, is securely stored in a manner which limits wear and tear and protects the integrity of each piece of apparatus. Having this capability on the one site, close to Aberdeen and its port, allows call off, inspection and mobilization in just a matter of hours."

EnerMech is a mechanical services company which specializes in the supply, maintenance and engineering of cranes, lifting and hydraulic equipment, rental of hand tools and zoned equipment and provision of training and specialist personnel to the energy industry.