Anadarko Launches $1B Cash Tender Offer

Anadarko Petroleum has commenced a cash tender offer for up to $1 billion aggregate principal amount of specified series of its outstanding debt.

The tender offer consists of two separate offers: an Any and All Offer and a Maximum Tender Offer, both made pursuant to an Offer to Purchase dated today which sets forth a comprehensive description of the terms of the tender offers.

In the Any and All Offer, Anadarko is offering to purchase any and all of the 6.750% Senior Notes due May 1, 2011, originally issued by Anadarko Finance Company, its wholly owned subsidiary, as listed in the table below.

In the Maximum Tender Offer, Anadarko is offering to purchase, under certain conditions, the 6.875% Notes due September 15, 2011, issued by Kerr-McGee Corporation, its wholly owned subsidiary, and the 6.125% Notes due March 15, 2012, and 5.000% Notes due October 1, 2012, issued by Anadarko, as listed in the table below.