Skymira Implements RIS for Nat. Gas Construction Services Co

Skymira has commenced implementation of a Remote Information System (RIS) for J. Irwin Company, a natural gas construction services firm based in Paige, Texas.

The first phase of implementation will automate remote technician field tickets. Time-sensitive information will be electronically captured and sent directly to the main office, replacing an older system of paper-based forms. The electronic forms will provide instant availability of decision-making information from the field, reduce errors and speed up billing cycles.

The implementation of automated field tickets is the first step in an architected plan of initiatives that will result in a comprehensive Remote Information System. Following this initial deployment, Skymira will develop additional applications beyond the automated field tickets, including time reporting integration with the main office, field equipment tracking, real-time inventory management and engine diagnostics.

"Our current paper forms are cumbersome, time consuming and susceptible to errors. The initial installations are already showing remarkable improvements and a measurable reduction in errors," said Angela Schultz, CEO, J. Irwin Company. "We're already looking ahead to the next phases of implementation, including integration of our time reporting and managing our inventory in real-time."

"The benefit of phasing-in a comprehensive Remote Information System, rather than installing separate component applications, is that it enables J. Irwin Company to continually refine its business processes and reduce costs by adding new applications that are guaranteed to easily integrate with existing infrastructure and processes," said Robert Landsfield, CEO, Skymira, LLC." As additional planned applications come online, the combined information they provide creates very powerful management tools to identify and eliminate hidden inefficiencies, thus reducing costs," added Landsfield.

As part of its Tailor-FitTM solutions, Skymira provides a full assessment of each client's needs and details of how they operate. This assures that clients are presented with a complete view of all areas within their business where access to remote information will drive increased returns. Where most companies implement only one or two high return applications, Skymira has observed that the companies continuing beyond this initial set of applications realize exponential returns. As more information is made available, increasingly complex challenges are solved, thus unlocking value often hidden within a company's existing processes.