Kentucky USA Energy Trumps Weather, Completes First 2010 Well

Kentucky USA Energy has completed drilling its first well of the year, Hardison #1, and has reached total depth at 2,412 feet. The well has been evaluated and determined to be commercially viable. The Hardison #1 well's drilling log confirms that there is approximately 155 feet of black shale formation encountered in this well.

The completion process has begun on the Hardison #1 well and 4 ½" production casing is expected to be run into the well this week. The Company has also scheduled to perforate and fracture the well once the casing installation has been completed.

"We are excited and pleased that we have commenced drilling since tying-in our initial wells and bringing them online into production," said Steven Eversole, CEO of Kentucky USA Energy. "The winter weather has slowed down our drilling efforts, however, we are now preparing for the spring drilling season ahead. We continue to stake out additional well locations and will be submitting permit applications for these new locations shortly."