Production from Britannia Field Reduced

Natural gas production from the Britannia Field in the UK sector of the North sea has been reduced do to a problem with the Forties pipeline system which takes condensates from Britannia, according to a spokesperson from ChevronTexaco.

ChevronTexaco and ConocoPhillips are joint operators of the Britannia Field. "We had to reduce the production because condensates (from Britannia) are exported via Forties," said the spokeswoman. She declined to comment on Britannia's exact production rate.

BP, operator of the Forties pipeline system, was unable to comment on the problems being experienced by the pipeline.

Earlier this year BP sold its stake in the Forties Field to Apache. The pipeline system was not included in the sale.

In September, Britannia production an average of 641.50 million cubic feet of gas per day and 22,903 barrels of condensate.