Don Partners Complete UK North Sea Export Route

Pipeline export for the West Don Field via Lundin's Thistle platform into the Brent Pipeline System for delivery at Sullom Voe terminal commenced on March 5, 2010.

Completion of the Thistle export route has also allowed the Don Southwest partners to start production from the recently side-tracked Area 22, the final production well associated with the first phase of the development. The well has performed in-line with expectations reaching initial flow rates equivalent to over 15,000 barrels of oil per day. Water injection into Area 5 in the north of Don Southwest has also commenced.

Since initial field start up in April 2009, West Don production has been exported via shuttle tankers loading from a single anchor leg (SAL) mooring system; this enabled early production from the field but was susceptible to interruption from severe weather. As originally planned, export has now been switched to a permanent pipeline export route via Lundin's Thistle platform; this is expected to reduce interruption and to improve production stability and export operations. Stratic estimates that West Don production to date through the SAL system accounts for 11.0% of its proved and probable reserves, leaving the bulk of the field's reserves to be recovered through the more stable pipeline off take route.

Petrofac, the West Don Field operator together with Lundin (Thistle Operator) began modification of the Thistle platform in late 2008; this work included the installation of a new flexible riser hang off platform. The final tie-ins and pipeline commissioning operations were completed by the end of February 2010.