Danfoss Sea Recovery Unveils New Fresh Water Generator

Danfoss Sea Recovery introduced the new Tasman Sea T-2, a new industrial fresh water generator aimed at giving the Oil/Gas and Commercial industries a better way of producing safe fresh water from the sea.

Equipped with touch screen interfaces designed to be intuitive and user friendly, the T-2 is the first of its kind to provide ease of use for high capacity production. Its intelligent software also provides a variety of system warnings and messages that prompt users of maintenance and performance issues. New modern control configurations provide a variety of choices from semi-automatic to fully automatic controls. "Danfoss Sea Recovery is again setting the industry standard by offering our customers the choice of their desired level of automation and communication in their watermaking system," said Thomas Farshler, the Director of Commercial Division. The Tasman Sea T-2 lets customers choose three different control configurations:

  • Basic Semi Automatic Configuration:
    • Features a touch screen enabled controller with performance and error detection functions that display multiple different user warning messages, helping to prevent major maintenance issues.
  • Fully Digital Semi-Automatic Configuration:
    • A step up from the basic configuration, the semi-auto configuration provides additional features such as a multi-colored touch screen interface that displays graphical flow readouts and on screen help guides that aid in detection and repair of system faults. The Semi-Automatic Configuration also features a semi automated Chemical Injection function, an optional automatic Media Filter, and an automated shutdown when the product tank is full.
  • Automatic Configuration:
    • An all automated system that practically eliminates the need for an operator. It includes automated maintenance functions that help prolong the system’s life. It also includes a full Modbus Communication Package that lets users integrate the Tasman Sea T-2 to hosted control systems that allow remote monitoring to assure the system is running smoothly.

As with all Danfoss Sea Recovery systems, The Tasman Sea T-2 requires minimal maintenance and is backed by a global team of Factory Trained Technicians. Continuing the tradition of using high quality parts, Danfoss Sea Recovery's Tasman Sea T-2 has been tested and proven to exceed industry safety standards, providing customers the confidence that they are choosing the world’s most trusted watermaker.