American Petro-Hunter: Shelor Oil Well to Reach TD Soon

American Petro-Hunter updates on the drilling progress at the Shelor Oil Well at the Rooney Project, located in Ford County Kansas.

Currently, the well has passed the 4,500 foot level and is drilling ahead. The Shelor well is planned for a total depth (T.D.) of approximately 5,400 feet and the Company now anticipates that the well will reach T.D. within 3 days.

Once the well reaches the T.D., any and all prospective oil and gas shows will be evaluated through a series of Drill Stem Tests and a suite of electronic well logs. The election to run casing as a commercial well in readiness for production would be made at that time. Management anticipates well testing to proceed during the upcoming weekend.

The Shelor well is the second oil well to be drilled at Rooney and is part of the Company's planned drill program aimed at drilling at least one well per month in order to rapidly develop the newly discovered reservoir.

The Shelor location is up-dip and North West from the currently producing 24 Double H well. In the event that the Shelor results as the second commercial producer at Rooney, the Company plans a rapid tie-in to the existing oil storage infrastructure and in the event of significant natural gas production to a nearby gas pipeline, a process estimated to take approximately two weeks to complete. Therefore, we would estimate that the Shelor well, if successful, could be generating revenue by mid-March.