Bridge, Paramax Resources Begin Drilling in Boise Basin

Bridge Resources and Paramax Resources announced the first well in their five-well program in the Boise Basin, Idaho is now drilling.

The Bridge-Paramax M.L. Investments #1 well has a planned total depth of 7,000 feet with an estimated drilling time of 25 days. Gross cost for the five well program is approximately US$5.0 million and overall drilling time is estimated at four months incorporating interim rig moves.

Reservoir targets in the Boise Basin are Pliocene and Miocene sands that have flowed gas at rates up to 400 mcfd in several old wells. Oil shows have been recorded in a number of the deeper wells and condensate has been recovered from one of the shallow gas flows. Bridge-Paramax is targeting potential gas sands down to 4,000 feet and potential oil sands in the 5,000 to 7,000 foot depth range.

The initial five prospects are located in the agricultural flat plain of the Snake River and its associated tributaries with alluvial fill masking the subsurface geological structure. The drilling locations are based on reprocessed seismic as well as geological information from the previously drilled wells. The prospects comprise structural closures of sands draped over volcanic basement fault blocks.

The five wells are in proximity to a regional gas pipeline and local transmission lines. Annual gas demand in the general Boise area is 35 bcf with this demand presently being met by out-of-state supply. Gas analyses in the earlier Boise Basin wells were all sweet.