Prospectiuni Welcomes New Equity Investments VP

Prospectiuni has appointed Jeffrey M. Rayner as Vice President of Equity Investments. Mr Rayner's primary role will be to identify and negotiate opportunities for Prospectiuni to invest services for equity in oil and gas projects. Jeff will also assist in creating new opportunities for Prospectiuni's Data Processing and Interpretation division - where he is already a familiar face. He will split his time between Romania and California, USA.

Jeff has 34 years experience as a geophysicist with several international E&P companies including Benton Oil and Gas Company where Jeff, as one of the first five employees, was privileged to be involved with several development and exploration programs where the company exchanged interpretive, seismic and other work commitments to share in the cash flow from reserves established through the work program. Diverse equity positions were earned in field reactivation and exploration activities were undertaken with such companies as Atlantic, Sun, Texaco, PDVSA, Geoilbent, Severneftegaz, CNOOC and Petrosen.

Jeff has also assisted with the design and management of 2D and 3D seismic programs and interpretations in challenging environments such including Urengoy Siberia, South China Sea and the South Monagas Unit, Venezuela. His 2D and 3D experience in the US includes urban and rural seismic surveys in California and Texas and also Rabbit Island, West Cote Blanche Bay and Belle Isle in the shallow state waters of Louisiana.

Jeff is a member of the AAPG and SEG Foundations, the AAPG, SEG, SPE professional societies and other various social organizations. He holds a B.A. cum laude, in Geology from Vanderbilt University (1975).