Freedom Energy, Oilcana to Market Heavy Oil Technology

Freedom Financial Holdings CEO Brian Kistler announced today that as a result of his visit last week to Calgary, Freedom Energy International, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary dealing with Heavy-oil conversion technology, has just signed a non-exclusive Distributor Agreement with Oilcana, Inc. (a privately held Corporation) to focus on marketing KC 9000 in new markets beginning with Canada.

Canada, renowned for its vast supply of natural resources, particularly Heavy Oil and Oil Sands, for years has been a leader in the race to find the most economical and environmentally friendly technology to produce Oil from the proven and known reserves of Oil Sands and Bitumen located in the country.

Being leaders in Heavy Oil production, has also presented some major environmental issues for Canadian Oil producers. Namely the processing and disposal of the oil sludge residue. Not only is there an issue of how to dispose of the oil sludge, but how to do it economically.

Mike Sullivan, CEO Oilcana, Inc., commented, "The reports of KC 9000 results did not take long to reach us here in Calgary. My partners and I have many clients in the Canadian Oil industry, as well as South America and the Far East. The environmental issues associated with the Oil Industry are large enough with conventional oil production. As more and more Heavy Oil is produced, the environmental impact and cleanup will only present a tremendous ongoing opportunity for KC 9000."

"The doors for different markets continue to open for KC 9000. The market for an environmentally friendly technology for tank and sludge cleanup is on the front burner in all markets. Bringing a new technology to market is not an easy or quick process. However, the associations that we have been able to make, in just a short period of time, is very encouraging and as stated before, we are committed to do what it takes to bring the full value of KC 9000 to our shareholders," stated Kistler.