Statoil Might Join Race for Azadegan Field in Iran

Statoil said it is considering bidding on the project to develop Iran's Azadegan oilfield. "There is a chance we will bid for it," Statoil's spokesman Kai Nielsen said. But he declined to give any indication of the likelihood of a Statoil bid.

"It's a very substantial field, it's an interesting field, and we would be interested in it, but of course it all depends on the terms," Nielsen said.

A top Iranian oil official said this week that Norwegian companies were among a broad international field of candidates invited to bid for development of the Azadegan field in western Iran after a Japanese consortium lost exclusive rights.

Iran aims to announce the result of talks by summer 2004.

Nielsen confirmed that Statoil was among those companies and had received information about the field that it would review to decide on whether to bid.