Alliance Engineering to Facilitate Major Offshore Projects

Wood Group's Alliance Engineering has hired Matthew A. McKinstry and Tommy L. Yates as facility engineers to develop and execute major offshore projects.

Matthew A. McKinstry has a process engineering heritage with 14 years experience in domestic and overseas oil and gas projects. He has been the lead process engineer on Gulf of Mexico production platforms and on several large FEEDs for international projects. Matt holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan.

Tommy L. Yates has a mechanical engineering background and, for the past 18 years, has led the engineering, design, and construction efforts of numerous onshore and offshore production and transmission facilities around the world. Tommy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State University and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

"We're excited to have Tommy and Matt on board," said Edmund Lunde, president of Alliance. "These individuals have talents and experience that will further enhance Alliance's capabilities to develop key offshore projects. They are well respected throughout our industry and will enable us to better serve our clients."