Eastern Alberta Client Expands Powerwave EOR Program

Wavefront is expanding the Powerwave program with the Eastern Alberta client announced December 17, 2009.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Wavefront will initially provide a minimum of 35 to 50 Powerwave systems with approximately two-thirds of those systems slated for the existing Eastern Alberta operation where Powerwave has been successfully employed for approximately 2.5 years.

"We are very pleased to be starting the larger roll-out of Powerwave with this Eastern Alberta client," said Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson. "We are now looking forward to further improving oil production rates, slowing the rate of production decline, and extending the economic life of the field where Powerwave has already been a major success."

Wavefront has also completed two successful Powerwave single well stimulations in Alberta with two different clients using Odyssey, Wavefront's newest stimulation tool. Three additional stimulations are slated in Alberta with this client group. In the next 21 days, Powerwave is expected to be a key component in five stimulations in California and one in Alaska.

"The primary benefits of Powerwave in well stimulation include intense fluid mixing, greater fluid distribution, and deeper penetration of the liquids being injected into the ground. With the introduction of the Odyssey tool, Wavefront is expanding its presence in the well stimulation market," said Mr. Davidson.