OSD Pipelines Teams Up with Gemini Corporation in Canada

OSD Pipelines is pleased to announce a Teaming Agreement with Gemini Corporation to be based in Calgary, Canada.

OSD has entered into this agreement with Gemini Corporation after beginning operations in Calgary in 2007. This arrangement allows both companies to work together to provide OSD with a stronger base of operations in Canada.

OSD's significant skills in pipelines and associated facilities, combined with Gemini's 27 years of experience in the Canadian oil and gas industry, will enable both organizations to work together on a number of projects.

This relationship will also allow access to further project opportunities for other divisions of OSD Pipelines. For clients, this means that OSD and Gemini are more equipped to meet client needs, provide a very experienced team to deliver combined pipeline and facilities projects, and optimize costs and lead times for these combined projects.

OSD Canada is based in the Calgary offices of Gemini, and the OSD team members are in close proximity to key Gemini personnel. The benefit of this is it enables OSD and Gemini to work in a team environment and deliver pipeline and pipeline facilities projects in an efficient manner.