Petrobras Reports on Jan. Output in Brazil, Abroad

Petrobras' average oil and natural gas production in Brazil and abroad in January topped-out at 2,525,754 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) in January, 3.8% more than a year ago (2,434,121 boed).

Only taking the fields in Brazil into account, Petrobras' average oil and gas production topped-out at 2,284,440 boed, 2.9% more than January 2009. Because of preventive maintenance carried out on three platforms in the Campos Basin, total production in Brazilian fields was 1% below the December 2009 mark. Exclusive oil production in the domestic fields was 1,972,792 barrels per day, 2.5% more than a year ago and 0.7% (or 14,000 barrels) below the volume lifted in the previous month due to the maintenance operations done at the platforms.

The volume of oil and gas coming from fields where Petrobras has operations abroad reached 241,314 boed per day (boed) in January, 12.3% more than a year earlier. Production going on stream in the Akpo field and in new fields in the Agbami field, both in Nigeria, contributed to this result. The volume was 1% lower than in December 2009 due to interventions made in wells aimed to recover production at the Akpo field, in Nigeria.

Natural gas production in the domestic fields topped at 49.548 million cubic meters per day, practically the same as in December and January 2009. Natural gas production abroad was 15.912 million cubic meters, a 0.3% increase. Compared to a year ago, there was a 1% growth due to greater local demand for gas in Peru.