Krescent Prepares to Drill Ahead at Hercules Prospect in Texas

Empyrean Energy has been advised by the operator, Krescent Energy Company LLC, that the BP America A-740 #1 well commenced drilling on February 20, 2010 at 20:30hrs local time.

The well has now been drilled to 1607 feet measured depth and 9-5/8" casing has been run and cemented. The operator is now preparing to drill ahead.

The Hercules Prospect is targeting Upper and Middle Wilcox sands and a well defined amplitude versus offset ("AVO") event, that appears in existing 3D seismic imaging, within the Upper Wilcox interval. The primary objective is in sand at a depth of 10,350' where the AVO anomaly conforms to structure.

Empyrean has a 10% working interest in this well.

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