Fugro-Jason Releases Latest Geologic Modeling Software

Fugro-Jason announced EarthModel FT 4.1, the latest version of its geologic modeling software, completing the transition of the FT technology into the Jason Geoscience Workbench family of products. EarthModel FT 4.1 is built upon the UpdateAbilityTM and TrackAbilityTM capabilities that allow geomodelers to quickly update their subsurface models to keep pace with the changing understanding provided by new wells, production information, etc. Fugro-Jason is a leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry.

"Fugro-Jason acquired Volumetrix and their product Volumetrix FastTracker in 2003, and the stratigraphic grid building and deterministic model building capabilities were incorporated into the Jason Geoscience Workbench (JGW) as EarthModel FT for Low Frequency Modeling," said Joe Jacquot, Strategic Marketing Manager for Fugro-Jason. "Now the stochastic modeling and upscaling capabilities are being released within the JGW environment as additional modules in the EarthModel FT 4.1 release. The entire geologic modeling product line is now called EarthModel FT Geologic Modeling Software."

"Fugro-Jason is a leader in Seismic to Simulation technology," said Eric Adams, Fugro-Jason Managing Director. "The stochastic modeling and upscaling capabilities added to EarthModel FT 4.1 streamline the link from Petrophysics - Rock Physics to Rock Properties from Seismic into dynamic reservoir simulation models, increasing our customers’ ability to build accurate reservoir models that yield accurate production forecasts."

EarthModel FT 4.1 Geologic Modeling Software will be available as a standalone system beginning March 8, 2010, and as additional Modules in the Jason Geoscience Workbench in the third quarter of 2010.