Segmented Bond Tool Service Keeps Azerbaijan Well On Stream

A supermajor operating in Azerbaijan had planned to abandon one of the most productive gas wells in the field because it was leaking high-pressure gas into the annulus between two casings. Using the Baker Hughes Segmented Bond Tool (SBT™) service, experts in the Caspian area provided accurate, quality data that prevented the need to re-drill a hole section and enabled the operator to keep the well in production, potentially saving $100,000 to re-drill and $100 million in ongoing production revenue.

After the production casing string was cut and abandoned, the operator unsuccessfully attempted to obtain quality data about the cement condition behind the second casing string. A mud weight of 1.91 specific gravity and metal shavings in the mud made the wireline log unusable for any isolation analysis. Baker Hughes was called to perform the SBT service, which measures cement bond integrity.