R&M Energy Systems Develops Hercules Leak Detector

Hercules® Leak Detector Provides Effective Environmental Protection for Stuffing Boxes

R&M Energy Systems has developed the Hercules Leak Detector as an effective, environmentally-friendly solution that prevents stuffing box leakage, resulting in increased profitability and site clean-up cost avoidance. The Hercules Leak Detector is part of the "Green Energy Solutions" offered by R&M Energy Systems.

The Hercules Leak Detector provides significant user benefits because it is ideal for wellsites in critical locations near orchards, cotton fields, highways and populated areas. It is capable of effectively handling oil, water and gas simultaneously.

The Leak Detector device consists of three elements -- a pressure activated shutdown switch, manifold connection and the High Performance Lubricating Upper Gland (HPLUG™).

Features and benefits of each element include:

  • Pressure activated shutdown switch meets NEC Class 1 Div 1 requirements ensuring safe operation
  • The shutdown switch also provides positive shut down of the flow whenever the maximum pressure setting is exceeded due to oil, water or gas leakage to prevent environmental issues
  • The manifold connection has two ½" ports and one ¾" port to allow users to customize installation to meet application requirements
  • The HPLUG provides a secondary seal for extra leakage protection
  • The HPLUG is ideal for wells producing from formations that can "kick," preventing leakage caused by the sudden pressure surge that can oftentimes escape past the primary cone packing

The Hercules Leak Detector readily adapts to all Hercules Classic Stuffing Boxes and the Hercules Big Stuff Stuffing Box.