Kuwaiti Field Sees Greater Output from Baker Hughes' Expertise

Baker Hughes' expertise in Kuwait's giant Sabiriyah oil field saved an operator rig time, helped increase production volumes and provided vital geophysical data to more effectively drill future wells.

Baker Hughes successfully drilled a sidetrack after two companies had failed to properly place the well per the operator's requirements. The challenge was to pass through the 6-in. inside diameter of the liner, then drill the sidetrack beneath the 7-in. liner to a full 7 in. to ensure the 5-in. production liner could be successfully run in the production zone. The sidetrack was designed to intersect six different layers of the Mauddud limestone and provide crucial structural and reservoir data for future lateral wells. The operator selected an integrated technical solution from Baker Hughes made up of a 7-in. ream-while-drilling tool, a 4 3/4-in. Ultra XL motor and a triple combo logging-while-drilling (LWD) suite (gamma, resistivity and density/neutron). The 7-in. ream-while-drilling tool enabled the bottomhole assembly to pass through the existing wellbore and then drill, ream and log the new 7-in. hole -- all in one run. Using Baker Hughes Reservoir Navigation Services experts, a total section of 892 ft (272 m) was drilled, with inclination maintained at 80.5° and an azimuthal turn of 22°. All formation evaluation data acquisition requirements, including density borehole imaging and hole size determination, were met with the OnTrak™ MWD and LithoTrak™ advanced LWD porosity services, providing reliable data to plan future lateral wells.