Baker Hughes Boosts Productivity at Deepwater Angolan Well

The Baker Hughes drilling fluids proprietary MICRO-WASH™ high-definition remediation system increased productivity 150 percent from a deepwater well offshore Angola. Since 2006, Baker Hughes has successfully remediated 19 deepwater production/injection wells for the same client by applying MICRO-WASH.

MICRO-WASH is based on mesophase technology, a chemistry Baker Hughes developed to solubilize oil on contact and water-wet all damaged surfaces. In 2009, the operator changed completion procedures, opting to run the completion string with no isolation valve. In this type of completion, where circulating is not an option, sieved mud has to be bullheaded into the reservoir while bringing the wells on line to prevent plugging of the downhole screens. To maintain safe bottomhole pressure while dissolving the filter cake in the open hole, the operator requested a customized MICRO-WASH formulation. Experts in Baker Hughes’ Aberdeen Fluids Laboratory suggested a formulation with blended acid to increase the efficiency of calcium carbonate destruction by the sieved mud. Their recommendations were applied on the latest producer in late December, resulting in an increase of 150 percent to the original productivity index. Because the operator will continue to use mesophase technology to rapidly remediate wells with low injection or production rates, the Angola geomarket is investing in blending and storage facilities to provide a full MICRO-WASH service for deepwater operations, simplifying logistics and reducing rigsite handling and mixing requirements.