International Offshore Services Adds to GOM Fleet

International Offshore Services (IOS) has acquired 13 boats from Graham Gulf, Inc., consisting of six 145ft Crew Boats and seven Utility/Supply Boats ranging from 110ft to 120ft.

The company now owns and operates a fleet of 66 vessels including Tugs, Supply, Crew Boats and Utility vessels. IOS also owns and operates three construction barges:

  • a 400ft Dive Support/Well Intervention Barge called the "Int'l Frontier" specializing in dealing with "Hurricane Downed" platforms;
  • an 800 Ton Derrick Barge called the "IOS 800" specializing in platform removal; and
  • a 250ft Pipe Lay Barge called the "IOS Pipeliner"



"This acquisition not only diversifies our existing fleet, it also increases our market share and solidifies our commitment to the Gulf of Mexico's Shelf. In addition, we believe that through further consolidation in the small boat market, we can not only make this sector of the industry safer and more consistent in terms of service, we can actually create a less cyclical market and avoid tough economic times like these."