Dril-Quip Supplies Subsea Equipment to Mirage Field in GOM

Dril-Quip has been contracted by a major independent operator to supply equipment to its Mirage field development located in the Gulf of Mexico. The company will provide dry tree completion systems, which include specialty connectors, subsea wellhead systems, production riser and 10,000 psi surface completion trees. Dril-Quip will also be supplying 14" and 21" drilling riser to the project. Dril-Quip is the only supplier to provide entire dry tree completion systems to a Spar or TLP project; the company supplied 8 dry tree systems for the Conoco-Magnolia project, also located in the GOM.

The Mirage field development will employ the MinDOC 3, a self-contained floating drilling and production vessel that incorporates a triple-column spar configuration. This configuration, according to the designers, is the first of its kind and offers higher variable load capacity and enhanced stability over traditional single-hulled spars.

The MinDOC 3 will feature six well slots and will incorporate ram-style conductor tensioners. It is designed to provide drilling services in addition to operating as a production vessel, and can be relocated and used in other field developments. Since the project is anticipated to have a short field life (6 to 8 years), the MinDOC 3's capabilities make it an excellent choice for this development. The hull is expected to be moved to its field location in the fourth quarter of 2009 or first quarter of 2010.