KR Releases Deepwater GOM Knowledge Base

Knowledge Reservoir announced the 2010 release of its deepwater knowledge base, ReservoirKB. This release features significant improvements in both application design and content, now covering:

  • More than 290 Fields (~100 additional)
  • More than 900 Reservoirs (~250 additional)
  • More than 1240 wells (~200 additional)

Not only does this update make ReservoirKB the most comprehensive knowledge base on the market, the improvements to the application make it the most capable knowledge base on the market. This update features:

  • a completely redesigned user interface
  • new user-defined tables
  • new user-defined charts
  • new user-defined statistics
  • GIS map navigation

ReservoirKB currently represents the most comprehensive knowledge base directed towards exploration and appraisal geoscientists and engineers in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico region. It provides coverage of all deepwater productive sands discovered, constituting reservoirs currently either in production or sanctioned for development. Additionally, the service provides continually updated reservoir performance metrics, analogs, lessons learned and regional knowledge, not available from any other single source. The knowledge base provides a unique combination of reservoir engineering data, geological description, production data analysis and regional knowledge.

Dr. Ivor R. Ellul, President and CEO of Knowledge Reservoir, stated, "ReservoirKB was developed in response to operators' needs for a knowledge base of deepwater data to evaluate projects, assess risks and measure them against other opportunities in their portfolios. Our clients find it an invaluable resource when researching analog fields, as reservoir assessment and benchmarking are at the heart of good appraisal and sanction decisions. We are very excited with the new interface and user-defined reporting options, which we are confident our users will find a strong enhancement on the utility of the service."