Two More Companies Pre-Qualify as Licensees in Norway

Two new companies have been pre-qualified as licensees on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Both Ruhrgas AG and Revus Energy were pre-qualified in September 2003.

In connection with the desire to bring new, competent players onto the Norwegian continental shelf, the Norwegian authorities have established a system for pre-qualifying licensees and operators. The background for establishing this system is to provide the companies with a means to evaluate their own suitability for participation on the Norwegian continental shelf before the companies denote resources on evaluating specific business opportunities.

Ruhrgas AG has 75 years experience as a gas supplier. The company operates a large gas distribution network in Germany. It owns 11,000 km of gas pipelines, 12 subsurface gas LAGER, and 26 compressor stations. Ruhrgas AG buys gas from producers in Norway, Russia, The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. The energy company E.ON owns Ruhrgas AG 100%. Ruhrgas Norge AS is building up its organization. The company has decided to establish their organization in Stavanger.

Revus Energy is a newly established upstream oil and gas company, with its main focus on reservoir expertise and business development. The company will focus on the mature parts of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.