Kosmos Awards Seismic Study Offshore Ghana to OHM

OHM Rock Solid Images has been awarded a seismic reservoir characterization study by Kosmos Energy for the Odum Field, offshore the Republic of Ghana on the West Cape Three Points Block. A 3D seismic data volume covering 500km2 will be inverted for reservoir properties and calibrated to the Odum-1 and Odum-2 discoveries which are approximately 18 km east of Kosmos' Mahogany-1 exploration well and the Jubilee oil field.

"The West African Transform Margin play is in its infancy; relatively few wells have been drilled and there is still much to be learned about developing the most effective strategy for exploitation and production. When confronted with a slope channel complex such as that encountered in the Campanian-aged Odum discovery, an advanced reservoir characterization study based on seismic and well data is an effective tool for reservoir delineation and appraisal. The experience Rock Solid Images has gained in the region over the past two years including the work completed on the Jubilee Field, will play a key role in the successful outcome of this project," said Kosmos Energy Senior Vice-President and partner, Kenny Goh.

Rock Solid Images Senior Vice-President, Gareth Taylor said, "We are extremely pleased that Kosmos Energy continues to recognize the value of tightly integrating well and seismic data to better characterize reservoirs. We are appreciative of the opportunity to continue our technical collaboration with Kosmos Energy's world-class exploration team; furthermore, we look forward to the challenge of applying our robust and repeatable rock physics-driven seismic reservoir characterization workflows to the Odum oil discovery."