iicorr Spotlights New Offshore Products at Open Day

Aberdeen-based integrity, inspection and corrosion specialist iicorr has launched a range of new products at an open day for clients and invited guests.

The technologies are expected to generate new income streams and improve the existing offering to clients. iicorr predicts that growth in demand for its services will result in several new positions being created across its UK offices in Aberdeen and Alresford.

One of the firm's latest innovations, the CP Trace, is a cathodic protection inspection tool used to survey pipelines in shallow water. Significantly smaller and lighter than existing inspection equipment the CP Trace requires less supporting infrastructure -- including the hire of large survey vessels -- saving time and money as well as reducing the health and safety risks associated with this type of work.

The CP Trace was developed by iicorr staff working in Aberdeen and at the firm's subsidiary company Subspection in Alresford, England.

Other products include inspection tools to photograph and map corrosion in risers and caissons, monitoring equipment designed specifically to cope with sand erosion and three new integrity software applications.

Roddy James business development director of iicorr said, "Investment in research and development has been a top priority for us over the past year and we are very pleased to have several new products ready to present to the industry.

"Many of these technologies are a result of collaborations between iicorr and academic institutions. This approach ensures that we have access to the latest technological developments which we can then translate into practical solutions relevant to our customers."