AMIN Forms New Downhole Completion Products Subsidiary

American International Industries has formed a new energy products company based in The Woodlands, Texas, USA. Downhole Completion Products, Inc. (DCP) plans to deliver a forged synergy specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. The company will provide major international oil and gas service company end-users with the highest quality proprietary downhole/completion threaded products under any condition. Our new subsidiary plans to successfully implement DCP strategies with the intention of experiencing strong annual market share growth. In locations where premium quality downhole/completion products are demanded, DCP will be offering integrated professional services with our quality products.

Mr. Dror stated, "The Company expects benefits from synergies between DCP and our other energy related subsidiaries, Delta Seaboard Well Service, Inc. and Shumate Energy Technologies, Inc. (SET). Larry Shumate, President of SET, has also been appointed President of DCP. Larry has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, which we believe will be highly valuable in the new energy products subsidiary."

Shumate Energy Technologies, Inc., with AMIN's support, has worked very diligently to position SET in the current economic downturn to take full advantage of increased drilling upon the projected upturn in the oil and gas market. Larry Shumate stated, "We have been awarded API certificates for advanced quality systems, API Q1, and we are licensed to produce and monogram threaded products to API Spec 7.1 for drill stem and Spec 5CT for casing and tubing specifications. The formation of DCP, Shumate Energy Technologies' sister company, will focus on providing a proactive approach in providing products and services for not only the drilling phase, but the completion phase as well. DCP will now be able to work directly with SET and Delta Seaboard. The synergies of these companies will increase revenues and profits as demand increases."