Colombian ANP's Open Round Arrives in NYC

The Colombian National Agency of Hydrocarbons (ANH) announced today that Dr. Armando Zamora, Director of the ANH, will be visiting New York City on Feb. 25 and 26 with his team from Colombia, as part of their global road show promoting foreign investment in Colombia's hydrocarbons sector and featuring an upcoming bidding round.

ANH will be hosting a road show on February 25 in New York City to present more than 225 blocks in 22 Colombian basins that are available in the bidding round. Dr. Zamora will talk about investment, exploration and production opportunities for hydrocarbons in the country. He will offer areas for Special TEAs, E&P and MiniRound in 2010.

Colombia continues to play a crucial role in oil & gas discovery on a global scale. In 2008, nearly $3.5 billion was invested in the E&P sector in Colombia from foreign sources. In 2009, the foreign investment experienced an 11 percent increase, bringing total investment from foreign sources to $3.89 billion. The expectation is the number will continue to increase in 2010. Additionally, nearly 50 percent of the blocks that were explored in 2008 and 2009 yielded positive results.