Wartsila Signs Maintenance Contract for Neste Oil's Vessels

Wärtsilä has signed a five-year maintenance agreement with Finnish Neste Oil. The agreement covers both the main and auxiliary engines, delivered by Wärtsilä, for eight vessels in the Neste Oil fleet. According to the agreement, Wärtsilä offers maintenance operations, spare parts, including performance optimization, as well as an annual visit of specialists to check the optimal operation of each vessel's engines under running conditions.

"Our strategy is to use the original manufacturer’s spare parts in the diesel engines' critical sections and the manufacturer's service personnel in major overhaul works. Now with this maintenance agreement we can fulfil our strategy in the most cost efficient way. We do see additional value like annual performance tests and enhanced communication between our operational personnel and Wärtsilä's technical support. This will improve engine reliability and fuel economy making our ships even safer, more environmentally friendly and more efficient," said Mr. Sami Niemelä, Technical Manager, Neste Oil.

Neste Oil operates a fleet of about 30 vessels. It transports around 40 million tons of crude oil, petroleum products and chemicals annually, primarily in the Baltic Sea (a particularly sensitive sea area, (PSSA)), the North Sea and the North Atlantic. All of the company's vessels are ice-reinforced and they feature a double hull.