American Petro-Hunter Discovers New Oil Reservoir at Rooney

American Petro-Hunter has provided updated information regarding the nature of the Rooney Project, located in Ford County, Kansas.

The production of oil at Rooney appears to represent the discovery of a new and unanticipated reservoir. This conclusion is based on data resulting from the test of promising 3D seismic information targeting the Morrow sands in the area.

During the drilling of the #24-1 Double H well, the Morrow formation was intersected with good oil and gas shows but little porosity and permeability. A timely decision was made to continue drilling to the Mississippian St. Louis Formation where the strike was subsequently achieved. The Rooney is producing oil and gas from this Mississippian Limestone reservoir and will be the primary focus of all upcoming exploration.

There appears to be great reserve potential in this limestone reservoir given the aerial extent throughout the acreage. The Company and engineers are now drawing direct analogous comparisons to the Ingalls field which is another St. Louis Mississippian regional producer.

The Ingalls field is located 30 miles west of Dodge City and 10 miles from Cimarron in neighboring Gray County. Discovered in the early 1980’s, the 5,100 foot deep field is comprised of 30 producing wells and 16 plugged and abandoned and dry wells. Producing wells vary from lows of 19 BPD to 185 BPD with gas rates in the 150 MMCF per day range. A central line of 5 wells through the core of the trend produces between 150 and 180 BPD each.

Historically, the Ingalls field produced over 2.5 million barrels from acreage that is smaller and from pay zones less than what the Company has mapped at Rooney. Given that Ingalls offers analogous data to Rooney there is a heightened probability that with proper development the Rooney project may exceed Ingalls in scope. Current estimates by Company engineers estimate this newly discovered potential to be in excess of 3 million barrels.

American Petro-Hunter is also pleased to report that it continues to anticipate great promise and potential for future Morrow Sand oil and gas exploration at Rooney and may encounter locations that have multiple objectives in future wells. The next well in the planned 10 well Rooney Development Program is the Shelor 23-2 which is scheduled to spud on February 15th. The well is up-dip and North West from the producing #1 Double H well and is slated for a total depth (T.D.) of 5,400 feet. Once drilling commences it is anticipated to require 7 days to reach the T.D. after which any prospective oil shows will be tested.