GeoQuasar Touts ARKeX's Technology in Brazil, Mexico

ARKeX, a provider of geophysical imaging technology, has entered into an agreement which will see GeoQuasar Energy Solutions act as ARKeX's representative in Brazil and Mexico.

The Rio-based company, whose customers include Petrobras, OGX and Repsol YPF, has tremendous experience within South America providing strategic consulting services for geological and geophysical E&P projects.

GeoQuasar Energy Solutions will represent ARKeX's ultra high resolution BlueQube gravity gradiometry service as well as the conventional gravity and magnetic processing and interpretations services.

"We are very excited about the possibilities that ARKeX and BlueQube can offer in Brazil and Mexico," said Marcos de Almeida, CEO of GeoQuasar. "BlueQube gravity gradiometry will bring tremendous benefits to E&P companies, especially those operating in the highly prospective salt and pre-salt areas of Brazil. In addition ARKeX's experience in extracting the maximum value from conventional gravity and magnetic data will be a great help to many companies."

ARKeX's VP of Business Development, Phill Houghton said, "In GeoQuasar we have found a great company to represent ARKeX. They have the experience, combined with geological and geophysical know how, to take our services to a new audience and a new market. I'm looking forward to working with them."

All enquiries regarding ARKeX's services in Mexico and Brazil should be addressed to Marcos de Almeida at GeoQuasar.