Titan Specialties Purchases Select Fire Gun Switching System

Titan Specialties, a leading provider of perforating and cased-hole logging technology, has purchased the Select Fire Gun Switching System from Welltec A/S for use in its perforating guns, announced Titan CEO Ken Babcock.

This is an addressable, digital, selective-fire switch system that provides increased reliability and dependability for the firing of multiple perforating guns in a single run. The technology allows for a thorough check of all perforating guns' firing status, readiness and connections prior to and while being run in the wellbore. The status of each gun can be checked throughout the process, and, if required, any particular gun can be bypassed on demand.

"This innovative new technology adds a new level of reliability and dependability to perforating gun systems," Babcock said. "The added control and ease of communication make this system truly state-of-the-art."

Titan has licensed this technology back to Welltec for use of the unique communication system in its wireline toolstrings.