PGS Readies Efficient Towed Streamer EM Capability

PGS is now an important step closer to proving the operational capability of its towed EM technology, a solution with potential to radically reduce the cost of electromagnetic acquisition. In the future this towed solution could cut the time to acquire EM surveys by up to a factor of five.

Electromagnetic surveys examine the resistivity of sub-surface structures or reservoirs. They help oil companies to assess and delineate new and current prospects and reduce risk in prospect ranking. These content indicators complement the structural information visible on seismic data.

Recent PGS North Sea tests in shallow water are proof positive that towed EM has the capability to provide reliable resistivity measurements over shallow targets far faster, and far more efficiently than current node-based solutions. These results bring full commercial application of this new tool set within striking distance.

A further step in the development will be testing a towed 3D EM solution, later this year. Depending on industry partners, the company will then tailor the system for a variety of target depths and for use in 4D, reservoir appraisal or exploration.

Recently PGS approached the industry with a Joint Industry Project (JIP), to further test and develop the system and its capabilities in both shallow water and increasing target depths.

Commenting on the JIP Dan Whealing, President of PGS Electromagnetics said, "Participation in the JIP will provide an early look at towed EM data, allowing cost effective evaluation of a developing technology. Close cooperation will ensure client requirements are recognized early in the development cycle. The JIP will accelerate the availability of this new technology to our clients."