Statoil Installs Enventure's SET System at Gullfaks

Statoil recently announced the successful application of solid expandable tubular SET(TM)) technology in a high-angle well in the Gullfaks field. Statoil used Enventure Global Technology's 11-3/4 x 13-3/8 in. Openhole Liner (OHL(TM)) System to isolate a high-pressure zone and maintain vital hole size in this directional well located in the Norwegian North Sea.

"Expandable technology is the fastest growing emerging technology for drilling and well construction, and we see a considerable potential in further use of this technology," said Marit Kvinge, project manager and lead drilling engineer at Gullfaks. "This emerging technology enabled us to drill through conditions to TD that otherwise would have been cost prohibitive."

Enventure, working as Halliburton AS in Norway, assembled an expandable solution for Statoil's C-43 T2 oil well that consisted of the 11 in. ID OHL System that was expanded to 12-1/4 in. OD in the openhole at an angle of 77 degrees.

"We see considerable potential in this technology for similar applications as C-43T2 and also for sealing off depleted or high pressure zones within the reservoir interval without loosing hole size," says Age Jacobsen, drilling superintendent for Gullfaks C platform.

This application marked the first time a solid expandable tubular system of this size was installed in a well of such high angle. After sealing off the zone, the 222-m (730 ft) SET System enabled Statoil to reduce the mud weight, drill through the lower pressure zones, and reach TD with a viable hole size.

"The significance of this installation lies in the SET System's ability to seal off the high-pressure zone in such a severe angle," said Robert Hinkel, president and chief executive officer, Enventure Global Technology. "Being able to successfully deploy the system in a high-angle directional well reinforces the SET System as a reliable and adaptable solution for a myriad of hole conditions and situations."

This particular high-pressure zone in the Gullfaks field historically causes time consuming and costly drilling problems. By implementing Enventure's SET Solution, Statoil proves that more of those well construction challenges can be averted in adjacent wells without compromising completion options.

To date, Enventure has installed a record number of 183 SET Systems, expanded 4,401 connections and 168,690 feet of pipe for 49 operators globally. Enventure is the world's leading provider of SET Technology and holds or has pending over 300 patents for its proprietary systems.