Quinn 3H Cleanout Ops Underway at Texas Riverbend Project

Empyrean Energy has been advised by Krescent Energy, the operator of the Riverbend Project in Texas, that cleanout operations at the Quinn 3H well have commenced.

Krescent have mobilized a Hydraulic Workover Unit (Snubbing Unit) and current operations are running in to the well with the cleanout assembly.

The forward plan includes using a specialized mill to dislodge the debris from the lateral. The debris will be circulated out of the hole with an oil based mud that can withstand the temperatures and pressures required. The mud is designed with adequate viscosity for the task. The well will then be flowed and cleaned again if required.

The flow rates and choke rates will be monitored and conservatively set to allow a more gradual adjustment in pressures until the well stabilizes.

The Hydraulic Workover Unit also has the capability of delivering an acid wash if needed.

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