San Telmo Energy Strikes Gas at McLeod

San Telmo Energy announces the successful results of a production test conducted on its McLeod gas well, which was drilled in August and completed earlier this month. The well is located in west central Alberta.

A 72-hour test was conducted on the McLeod well. As the operator, San Telmo drilled the well to a total depth of 6,266 feet (1,910 meters). During testing the well flowed at a maximum unstimulated rate of 6.5 mmcfd (million cubic feet per day) with 325 bbls (barrels) of condensate per day (72 API). This is the equivalent of 1,408 boe/d (barrels of oil equivalent per day) at a 6:1 conversion.

The average restricted flow rate (16/64 choke) over the 72 hour period was 2.66 mmcfd with 101 bbls of condensate.

Total gas production during the test was 7.8 mmcf (million cubic feet) with 312 bbls of condensate at a stabilized tubing pressure of 11,376 kpa (1,600 psi) and 8.5% drawdown. McLeod is expected to be tied-in for production by November.

San Telmo holds a 70% working interest in the McLeod project.