Danos & Curole's Divisions Complete Full Year, No Accidents

Danos & Curole Marine Contractors completed its first full year of operations with the new Coatings service line in 2009. Offering offshore and onshore coatings services, the department completed a range of projects from onshore gas pipeline maintenance to offshore platform sandblasting and painting with some projects still in progress. The division has experienced tremendous growth and the service has been
well received amongst existing and new customers. Under the leadership of Coatings Manager Davey Martin, the division continues to provide a much needed service to the energy industry.

"The Coatings Department finished the year without a recordable which is outstanding considering 2009 was our first year supplying this product line to the industry. We introduced many new employees to Danos and Curole, along with several new processes and procedures which created a challenge for everyone in Safety and Coatings. They all should be acknowledged for their hard work in achieving this milestone. We will continue to push heightened safety and hazard awareness, along with increased field visits, while introducing our 2010 safety plan to our employees to achieve our 2010 division goals," reported John Bigler, Division Manager.

Both, the Offshore Production Services and the Coatings Departments , worked the entire year without an accident. These two groups, comprised of about 450 employees, worked approximately 875,000 man hours in 2009.

"Providing excellent customer service and continuous improvement are two of our core values at Danos & Curole. By adding the Coatings Department, we recognized an opportunity to improve our offering and to create value for our customers by delivering coatings services in the manner consistent with the service they expect from Danos & Curole," said Paul Danos, Vice President of U.S. Operations.