Spectrum Gears Up for Potential Seismic Ops in Atlantic Waters

Seismic services provider Spectrum has accelerated its preparations to collect seismic data in the U.S waters of the Atlantic Ocean in response to the recent announcement by the Department of the Interior to begin the environmental analysis of geological and geophysical activities off the east coast.

Spectrum was the first company to actively collect multi-client seismic data since the leasing and drilling moratorium went into effect in the mid-1980s. It is currently reprocessing and studying existing seismic data from the U.S East Coast. Through these activities, Spectrum is gaining valuable knowledge to identify the most prospective areas for oil and gas exploration and the technologies to best image and understand the subsurface in this frontier region.

In 2006, the company submitted permit applications to the Minerals Management Service (MMS) to conduct seismic, gravity and magnetic surveys off the US East Coast. The new survey would extend Spectrum's U.S multi-client library, which has been growing since the company began acquisition offshore Florida in 2003. This modern seismic now covers much of the "un-leased" area of Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Upon receiving permit approvals, Spectrum plans to actively pursue a comprehensive program to acquire seismic and other geophysical data over the U.S Atlantic offshore continental shelf and deepwater areas focusing its activities with the knowledge gained from the reprocessed data.

Spectrum is committed to preserving the environment. Three marine mammal observers would be on duty during the seismic survey process to ensure that the vessel's operations conform to governmental regulations. In addition to observing operations, the three man team would also actively collect data during the survey process to aid research into marine mammal populations and migration patterns.

The seismic ship conforms to all U.S environmental, U.S Coast Guard and international maritime anti-pollution regulations. Spectrum is committed to ensuring health, safety and environment (HSE) standards and procedures are in place before and during each survey.