Keppel Builds World's First North Sea-Compliant Floatel

Keppel FELS is on track to deliver Floatel Superior, the first of two newbuild accommodation semisubmersibles (floatels) safely, early and within budget to Floatel International.

When delivered in March 2010, the DNV-classed, Floatel Superior, will be the only newbuild floatel in full compliance with all the latest rules and regulations for the Norwegian sector.

Upon delivery, the Floatel Superior will commence its maiden charter contract for ConocoPhillips Australia.

The unit features full health, safety and environment (HSE) compliance including strict noise level requirements, free fall lifeboats and escape chutes. In particular, the unit utilises a telescopic gangway for the safe transit of personnel and goods to and from a rig, with the ability to be extended or shortened by +/-7.5m, allowing the vessel to remain connected in severe weather.

Facilities onboard include a galley and mess room for 220 people in one seating, as well as recreational amenities such as a cinema, internet café, games room, gymnasium and sauna.

Tong Chong Heong, CEO of Keppel Offshore & Marine said, "Keppel FELS has designed and constructed some of the world's most robust harsh environment rigs for frontiers such as the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and the North Sea."