Castrol Marine Launches 2 Double Hull Barges

Castrol Marine has launched two new barges in advance of the latest 'double hull' legislation from the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The barges serve several key ports and feature enhanced technology that improves service for BP and Castrol Marine customers. Double hulls add another layer of protection to a vessel, helping to ensure Castrol Marine's lubricants are transported safely and securely around the world.

Keith Torrance, Castrol's Global Demand & Portfolio Manager for Aviation, Marine and Energy, said, "The launch of these vessels demonstrates Castrol Marine's commitment to delivering high quality lubricants, efficiently and safely. It's important that we stay ahead of legislation to provide uninterrupted service, while passing on the benefits of the latest technology to our customers. Double-hull vessels also help to protect the environment by significantly reducing the chance of leakage."

"The increased storage capacity, multiple tank configuration and higher pumping rate of the Amal allows Castrol Marine to meet the growing demand for lubricants from the Fujairah anchorage. The Victrol 10 is also equipped with the latest technology, including automated flow computers which can read delivery notes mailed to the vessel to aid the delivery of the correct grade of lubricant," Torrance added.

The Victrol 10 will operate out of the port of Antwerp in Belgium and the Amal will operate in the United Arab Emirates ports of Fujairah and Khor Fakkan, as well as the Kalba anchorage areas.

Amal replaces the single hull Farida and fully complies with International Maritime IMO double hull legislation adopted by the Fujairah Port Authority, which came into effect on January 1, 2010. Similarly, the Victrol 10 was introduced to replace its single hull predecessor, the Rotterdam.