Brinx Joins Two Well Drilling Program

Brinx Resources will participate in a new 'two well' drill program as part of its Oklahoma Project. Drilling on the first well is expected to commence this week.

The new 'two well' program will be identified as the 09-4 Oklahoma Project. The wells will be indentified as the 09-4 #1 and 09-4 #2. These two well locations were selected based on positive anomalies discovered by 3-D seismic surveys and will target the same pay zones encountered in the company's successful 08-3 wells and the 09-3 wells.

"The company is excited to continue its expansion of its successful Oklahoma Project," says Leroy Halterman, President of Brinx Resources. "We've achieved a high success rate thus far with the neighboring drill programs, and therefore look forward to positive results from the new 09-4."

The Company should have preliminary indications as to the success of these wells once the drill reaches total depth and they are electrically logged.