Ramboll Provides Permanent Solution for Siri Platform

After months of intensive work to find a solution to the cracks on the Siri subsea structure in the North Sea, Ramboll has secured a contract for the design of a permanent reinforcement solution. The contract involves both design of the reinforcement structure and reanalysis of the entire platform. Production at Siri has already resumed.

DONG Energy discovered cracks on a subsea structure connected to the oil storage tank at the Siri field in August 2009. Within a few days a team of approx. 15-20 engineers was mobilized in Ramboll to work fulltime on solving the problem.

During the first hectic weeks of the project a number of temporary repair solutions were proposed by Ramboll. From these proposals two solutions were selected by DONG for possible implementation; a rig support system and a subsea support structure. Both solutions have during the autumn of 2009 been fully documented and installation of the subsea support structure is successfully completed.

A permanent reinforcement solution is now selected by DONG which involves the installation of 1-2 piles next to the Siri subsea storage tank. The piles will be connected to the caisson with large clamps. Ramboll has been selected to carry out the detailed design for this solution. Ramboll will act as engineering subcontractor for Acergy who will be overall EPIC contractor on the project.