RBG Unveils New Marine & Subsea Capability

Demonstrating the company's ongoing commitment to the subsea sector, RBG will showcase their upgraded subsea bolting and flange management capability, provided through the company's MachTen division, as well as a new underwater cleaning system.

RBG's range of C10 Split Reaction Nuts enables divers to carry out subsea construction and maintenance in less time than if using a solid nut, due to the innovative one-touch, quick release mechanism. The company's latest C10 tensioner unit, which will be demonstrated at Subsea 10, is able to withstand greater pressures and higher loads, and its simplicity of design enables a quicker maintenance turnaround time.

Jason Smith, General Manager for RBG MachTen, explained, "Our enhanced range of C10 Split Reaction Nuts gives clients the capability, flexibility and efficiency required for subsea construction and maintenance."

To complement their bolt and flange management capability, RBG will also be launching an upgraded version of their Flange Management Software at Subsea 10. Designed to advise on the correct bolt torque and tension values, the software ensures the maintenance and prevention of flange leaks.

Jason Smith continued, "The Flange Management Software has been custom built to work alongside our range of subsea bolting solutions. The advantage this software brings to clients is the ability to record flange behaviour, modifications and long-term activity, providing an integrated point of reference for documentation, technical information, images and video. This information can then be accessed remotely at any time, for simple reference or to support HSE related matters."

"As well as enhancing their bolting and flange management capability, RBG will also be showcasing a new marine cleaning system at Subsea 10 which provides major advantages over traditional underwater surface preparation techniques."

"The Cavidyne cleaning system has already been successfully used by RBG in the UKCS to provide both safe and expedient removal of marine growth and existing coatings. RBG is currently negotiating exclusive arrangements to provide the Cavidyne system throughout the UKCS."

"The system is capable of removing all types of marine growth from seaweed to hard well-attached barnacles. Surfaces with existing coatings, such as paint, or anti-fouling coatings, are not disturbed when cleaned and heavy metals, or other contaminants are not released into the water."

The main advantage of this system, over conventional high pressure blasting or grit cleaning, is its safety. Not only can the system be adjusted for the removal of coatings without jeopardising safety, the water stream will not inflict any damage to a diver or equipment which may come into contact with the flow.

Subsea 10 will also see RBG launch their newly formed Marine & Subsea division. RBG Marine & Subsea has been created from the merger of the company's traditional marine and fabrication units, and positions RBG to deliver a complete subsea support package, from fabrication to deployment, construction support and maintenance.